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  By coating the affected areas with the gel-like substance, the wound is safeguarded from infection-causing bacteria and other micro bodies, thus speeding up the healing rate.Botanical BasicsAloe vera is one of about 400 known species that fall under the family of plants known as "asphodelaceae". Studies indicate that the clear gel of the aloe vera herbal plant has a dramatic ability to heal wounds, ulcers, and burns. It's interesting to note, however, that there's nothing "new" about nature's age-old medical miracle. It naturally alkalizes digestive juices to China Wholesale protective netting Suppliers prevent an excess of acidity, which is a common cause of indigestion. The remaining 4 percent consists of active ingredients, including essential oil, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and glycoproteins.Healing PropertiesEvidently, the juice of the plant leaves yields certain substances, called aloes, which are good purgatives.

  Modern medicine cabinets would all benefit from the healing properites of this ancient plant.The plant has at least three fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties. Some species of the aloe, like Aloe venenosa, may produce poisonous juice and are therefore not recommended. vera, vulgaris, socotrina, chinensis, and perryi contain aloes that have therapeutic uses.Early ApplicationsThe use of aloe vera as an herbal or medical treatment is evident as early as 1500 BC.Herbal JuiceSince it is a succulent, the aloe vera plant is composed of about 96 percent water. Thanks to the many active constituents present in the aloe vera herbal plant, many modern healers have used it in their liquid health treatments. Classified as a succulent plant and considered by many to be an herb, the aloe vera plant is distinguished by the large, thick, fleshy leaves.

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